Security doors come in various dimensions and shapes (even custom-designed applications) But what they share is sturdy locking mechanisms. They can be set up in different ways however they are crucial to the overall performance as well as the security offered by the door.
If your door lock begins to fail, or you're worried that your locks aren't giving you the security you need, there's no reason not to replace the locks.
From hinged doors to sliding doors security door locks are essential to protect homes. Replacement of these locks may appear to be a simple task however, getting it done right the first time is crucial to ensure the security of your house. It is a good idea to contact Locks Repair Brampton to assist you with the task. However, we're glad to provide more information about the replacement of security locks for doors and what you can expect from the procedure within your home.

Why You Should Change Locks On Security Doors

Security doors perform a significant purpose in the protection of your Perth home or workplace. Therefore, making sure locks are in perfect functioning order is crucial. Apart from malfunctions What are other indications that you need to replace your security door locks? These are the most frequent:

  • New home purchase: You'll need to change the locks to ensure that previous owners or people who have access to the home are unable to access the property.
  • Changes to the tenant's identity: You may need to change locks when someone moves into and out of your living area shared by the tenants.
  • Keys lost: You'll have to replace the locks if you've lost your keys because someone else could duplicate them or gain access.
  • Intruders A door could have been able to protect your home, however, the lock that is damaged should be replaced as soon as is feasible.
  • General wear and tear: Doors keys may be worn down with time, which makes it difficult to gain access to your home.

A Note On Rekeying Vs. Replacing Door Locks

It's quite common to choose to rekey a lock for a door instead of replacing it. Rekeying the lock is cheaper because the hardware itself can't be changed. In lieu, locksmiths will alter the way that the pins are placed in the lock. They will then offer you brand new keys that control the lock as well as the doors for you.
Although rekeying is a good option however there are occasions when a new lock is more efficient. If your WA home was the victim of a burglary or attempted robbery, it's likely that the lock's components may be damaged during the process. In this scenario, a new lock is far more secure than trying to reset the lock.
Additionally, if your door and lock mechanisms are old and worn replacement with better quality locks that are more effective and durable is a more secure alternative.

What Are The Reasons For Not Leave The Security Door Lock Replacement Task To Experts?

For the handiest of homeowners and handymen, there is a possibility to play around and upgrade your door locks. But, there are a variety of reasons why this should be left to professionals and they all are related to the safety and security of your house.
An experienced installer can offer the best new locking mechanisms for your specific security door. Keep in mind that not all locks are made to be the same, and for an excellent security door, the best locks are required.
The experts will also know and adhere to the Australian Standards for security with the door locks. This includes ensuring that the mechanism and installations are in complete compliance and can be able to pass various security tests.

4 Steps To Secure Door Lock Repair

To make it easier for you to be aware of what goes on during the process of replacing locks We've broken down the procedure here for you. It is possible for an expert and licensed installer to take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in total depending on the size of your door, and whether or not any other damage was caused.


1: Take Off The Lock That Was Previously In Use

The current lock mechanism is secured by the use of screws which are inserted into the frame of the door. To take the mechanism it is necessary to insert the key put into the lock (when it is possible) and then turned into an open or locked position. After that, the screws that attach to the door frame are removed. These screws hold the lock's frame in position. Once they're taken off, the lock could slide right away from the frame of the door.

2: Select The Best New Lock

It is crucial to ensure that when replacing your lock, the new hardware has identical in shape and size that the one you replace. This will make sure that the lock is compatible with the door frame and that there are no other modifications are required.

3 Set Up The Lock With The Latest Version

With the screws on the door frame removed Insert this new mechanism to lock it into the holes of the door. It will slide in with a similar amount across both doors. After that, you can set the mechanism for locking to the lock position. It should be apparent that the lock is unable to move from its place. Then you can insert it into the door frame and then tighten up the screws within the door frame. This will makes the lock safe from the wrath of intruders.

4: Addressing Any Other Damages

When installing the fresh lock, an expert must look over the door for signs of wear, damage, or wear. This includes doors, latches, screen hinges, and metalwork that could weaken the security of the door and reduce the efficiency of the lock.

Change Your Locks With Professionals

The security of your door lock is an essential element of operating doors properly and therefore making sure that you have the proper locks is extremely essential. There are many reasons to consider changing your locks however there is only one solution to this issue which is to hire an expert.
Call Locksmith Toronto for an expert and high-quality replacement of your security door lock that comes with a 10-year guarantee. All our technicians are licensed and insured by the police, and bonded, so you can rest assured that the job is done in a professional and reliable way.