If your remote doesn't work immediately, you should try to resolve the issue by determining the reason for this happening. Possible causes include:


Before you call an expert Garage Door Motor Repair In Mississauga make sure to check the batteries on the remote. Batteries that are not working are among the top reasons for garages not being opened. Most remote batteries last at least two years. If you haven't changed batteries in the last few months, it could be time to purchase new batteries.
One way to check the state of the batteries is to press the remote. If the light isn't coming on, is the moment to change the batteries. This is however only applicable to remotes with LED lighting.
Another way to ensure that the batteries aren't running out is to test opening the door with the help of the control panel mounted on the wall. If this is successful, it's time to change the batteries. If you do this, make certain that the batteries are correctly put inside the remote. If they aren't the remote won't work effectively. When the garage's remote does not function following the replacement of the battery, it's important to look at a different reason.


2. Interference RF

Another reason why the remote for the garage door opener not functioning is interference with RF. This could be the reason it isn't able to unlock the garage door. This could cause the remote's signal to not connect to the opener in your garage. There are a variety of factors that could cause this. Additionally, other devices that are in your home may be the trigger. Examples include:
  • Alarms
  • Motion detectors
  • Gamins systems
  • In the event that you are experiencing interference due to RF and are suffering from RF interference, it's the right time to call an expert from the garage to resolve the problem. This problem can be solved. There is no time to wait until the garage door is totally operational.

3. It's time to do RESETTING your system

If the remote for your garage door isn't working, it might be time to perform the reset. Like most devices that run on computers, it is possible that the garage's system may have problems that can be fixed with a simple reset. If you're unable to identify a reason why your remote isn't functioning, it is possible to reset the system that is controlling the garage's system. It's as simple as unplugging it for a few minutes. Then, try plugging it back into the outlet, and check the door using the remote. If the doors unlock, you're sure you've resolved the problem. If the issue continues, you may want to consult an expert.

4. The SIGNAL is not in SHAPE

In some instances, the remote control's signal might not reach the opener, causing the door to stop working. It could be because the remote is not within reach. The most effective way to find out this is to be 20 feet away from the door, and then press the remote button to see if the garage is open. If you're at an extended distance the garage will not open because the signal isn't getting through to the transmitter for the opener.
If the remote works without issue, when you go further, you should inspect the antenna of your opener. In some cases, it may have developed dust that affected the signal. In this case, then take your time cleaning the antenna. In the event that your garage door opener's remote isn't able to function after that the antenna might be damaged. Seek help from an expert immediately.



It's not uncommon for homeowners to press the button to secure their panel for control. If your garage isn't accessible, take note of it as it is repaired. All you need to do is hit the lock button, and the door will be closed. If the remote works without issue, then you've resolved the issue.


The connection between the remote control your remote and the garage door opener can become weaker over time. Make sure to reset your remote prior to seeking assistance from Garage Door Repair Mississauga. It is easy to alter the program of your remote. Locate the opener learn button, which is usually orange. Press this button, then remain on it for 30 minutes.
After that, press this button to switch off your controller after 5 minutes. In addition, you can press the button until the indicator light starts flashing. If the reprogramming works, you will see garage doors being opened by pressing the remote.


Another reason for the remote for your garage door to not function is that it's because the Ground Fault interpreter (GFI) could be damaged. The GFI is crucial because it shields your home from the dangers of electrical currents. It safeguards your home from being overheated due to electrical malfunctions. When the GFI is damaged, the garage door will cease to function.
The fix is using the reset button on the wall, which is linked to the garage. This button is normally located in the garage. Once you have pressed this button, your remote can open the garage door.