Here's a look at the way the most popular types of doors that are automated operate:

Motion Sensors And Infrared Sensors

The most popular types of doors that are automated employ the technology of motion sensors. Similar to the name the sensor inside an automated door detects anything in its vicinity that is moved and triggers the mechanism to open the door.
There are, however, certain variations to this standard. Certain doors that use motion sensors do not employ the same type of motion sensor technologies. The two most popular types of sensors that are used to detect movement are infrared and microwave.

Sensors that make use of microwave energy are very useful in detecting movement. The sensors are usually located over the door, which is automatic. The microwave beam is directed through the device and can spread over an area that is both in the rear and behind the door. The sensors are successful in detecting movement near the door, which means they're not as effective at detecting stationary objects as slower-moving objects.

Sensors using infrared can detect temperature fluctuations. If they detect temperature changes within the vicinity (for instance, a person who is close to an entrance) the doors are opened. The sensors that emit infrared light discern "reflected" Infrared signals coming from objects that are in the area. They are able to detect any changes.

The best automatic doors usually have a mix of various types of sensors and are provided by Automatic Gate Repair in Los Angeles. This allows one sensor to be in charge of the other in the event that there should be an error or defect. In the event of an oversight or defect, both infrared and microwave sensors are employed and infrared sensors are installed the infrared sensor can detect an object moving too fast, or stationary.


Pressure Sensor

Certain doors are controlled by pressure sensors. They are located on the ground at the entrance of the door. These sensors trigger doors to open. Pressure sensors are the very first doors that were automated and are considered to be slightly outdated. But it's cheaper and they are available all over the place.

There are still advantages in terms of function. The pressure sensor is installed to allow the door to open the doorway, which is automated. It can also be laid out to cover the entire length and the opening between the doorway. This will ensure there is tension on the door as the person walks through, and that the door doesn't suddenly close.

Other Access Control

Some doors with sensors that are designed to regulate entry to and from the door. For instance instead of being able to detect people the door will detect fobs, key cards, or other electronic devices that cause the door to be opened. This is beneficial for homes or educational facilities, as well as various other kinds of facilities. Based on the power of the detector, Gate Installation could require that the user touch their access card near the sensor, or activate the doors when someone is near (holding access credentials).


The Amount Of Time It Will Require To Allow An Automated Door To Open

Automated doors are able to be opened automatically when they detect someone standing in the doorway. A top-quality automated door should be open within a couple of minutes. They should typically be in operation for at least five seconds before closing to allow for the user to pass through.

The Advantages Of Doors That Are Automated

They will examine the numerous advantages of doors that are automated. Check out these points to decide what business you think would benefit from an automated door
The ease of use: The obvious advantage is the ease of use. Because customers don't have to physically open the door and then go through the door, they're in a position to gain access to the store or business. This little distinction could be the most significant difference in the ability to access the building or store, and not.
Accessibility: Automatic doors help make the company more accessible to the disabled. It's not just an acceptable method of being accessible to everyone but could also be legal in the region. If you reside within the USA, ADA regulations might legally require the wheelchair door.

Increases in foot traffic may not be apparent but the use of automated doors can be a successful method to draw more customers to visit your business. Because doors open in a controlled way and customers feel a "welcoming" environment and are more eager to visit your company. Many businesses with automated doors have seen their customers increase foot traffic.

The report stated in the press that the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) completed an investigation study where they conducted a survey of 447 individuals. The study found it was 98.9 percent of people prefer doors that are automated.


As you can see, there are many types of doors, each having its own pros and drawbacks. Use our commercial doors guide to find all the resources needed to determine the type of door that is best suited for your company and know the "know-how" to make sure that your doors remain always in operation.